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Why Do Research?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

There are probably hundreds, even thousands of research programs for students. Even when I was a tiny 10-year-old, we had mini science fairs at my school’s gym, which was always super crowded and sweaty. At the time, I questioned the point of having science fairs, thinking that it was just another homework assignment to get over with.

But, from the scientific revolution to the Age of Enlightenment and so much more, research has been present throughout human history and it’s the reason we have such a vast understanding of our world today. So, why do we need to do research?

Here is a list of some benefits of doing research:

  • You become a mini-expert about your passions and subjects you care about.

  • You enhance our knowledge of society and the world, which advances humanity and can inspire others!

  • You make new friends and relationships. It’s the epitome of fun and productivity.

  • You learn lifelong skills like problem-solving, organization, professionalism, presentation, communication, critical thinking, and more.

You may ask, we already have Chat GPT, why do we still need to learn how to do research?

I would argue that AI can be a super helpful tool, NOT a replacement for you becoming a researcher! When you’re tempted to let AI write a research report for you, think about how gaining knowledge is a long-term process that truly results from research. AI doing research for you may initially save time, but it defeats the core purpose of why most people do research—to ask questions and think critically. By thinking critically, I mean identifying misinformation and not falling for traps! There are so many times when I catch myself almost believing sketchy news, whether it’s on a random webpage, or even in conversations with other people! This is part of why research is for everyone.

So, I’m here to share how you can more systematically do research so the next time you see a news article telling you what’s happening with the government, or a blog page telling you how to get 6-pack abs in 3 days, you think twice and question its credibility.


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