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"No research without action, no action without research"

- Kurt Lewin (1890-1947), a German-American social psychologist.

Our Mission

We inspire, support, and empower aspiring researchers.

We make research fun and accessible to all, regardless of age, gender, race, and financial background.

We serve underrepresented students and communities.

With prevalent misinformation, the rise of social media, and artificial intelligence writing for us, we live in an era where learning research techniques and processes is needed more than ever to differentiate between true and false statements. Research also leads to new knowledge, creativity, and innovation. Most importantly, it empowers young people to pursue their interests, solve crucial problems, and master a set of essential, irreplaceable skills like critical reasoning, in-depth thinking, and communication.

Unsurprisingly, there is a huge demand for students to learn how to research. However, there is a lack of support, courses, and information with engaging and illuminating content that appropriately introduces research to young students.


How can we help those with the potential to come up with amazing, possibly world-changing, ideas if they don’t know where, when, or how to start? How do we make sure they get the resources they need?

We are a global educational initiative that offers research support, courses, a guidebook, and information for aspiring researchers at the elementary to middle school level as a supplement to the K-12 curriculum. 

About the Founder & CEO

Grace C. Liu

is passionate about research and advocating for gender equality, fairness, inclusiveness, and equity in education, sustainable development, and Gen Z. She successfully worked on 14 research projects and had multiple peer-reviewed journal publications before she turned 15. Her sole-authored book Research to Empower: A Vibrant Guidebook for Young Students is published by Post Hill Press. As a United Nations and TEDx speaker, she has inspired students and educators in her local community and from over 140 countries.

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Director (Marketing and Design)

Jessica C. Liu

is an award-winning illustrator, animator, model, and published author. She is deeply passionate about loving all kinds of animals. Her eyes often find a beautiful part of nature and animals with a unique angle that rarely other people notice. At the age of ten, she published a two-volume book Amazing Animals: An Illustrated Compendium to inspire more people to love, research, and protect animals.


Director (Local Partnerships)

Scout Chen

is a dedicated student researcher, an active local community service member, a local and nationally-touring and performing Rockstar, and nationally recognized photographer. His research contributions have earned recognition not only at local events but also on the international stage, including prestigious platforms like the Long Island Science Congress and the International Symposium on Molecular Medicine.


Director (Technology Development)

Margaret Zhang


has been fascinated in the magical world of mathematics and worked hard on it.  Her strong ability and great interest in logic-based problem-solving led to her entrance and exploration of Computer Science. She has been involved in BNL Life Science Research Program in the summer. She believes technology research experience is key for young students to open a broader view of the future world and working as a community would bring more strength to move forward undoubtedly.


Mary Mahcit Vongkyem,
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Yue-chi Pata Magar,
Mahdi Issam Eddine,
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Wangdi Rigsel,
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Rajan Poudel,
Li Yiduo.jpg
Yiduo Li,
Afthon Ilman Huda,
Peter Kwame Adu,
Millet B. Paño,
Angiely Villanueva,
Arya Ponnuswamy,
​The United Arab Emirates
Kunxiang Li,
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Jinhan Li,
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Sunday Chinoyerem,
Aafaq Ahmad.jpg
Aafaq Ahmad,
Jade Dalila Presa Reguig,
Henry Xi,
Purvi Shenoy.png
Purvi Shenoy,
Budha Chhetri.JPG
Hikmat Budha Chhetri,
Sujan Timalsina,

The Story of ReTE

A Note from Grace

You are welcome  to share ReTE flyer!

Flyer-Research To Empower.pdf.jpg

I grew up in suburban New York surrounded by first-generational families who truly had their lives changed by education. This taught me how to appreciate education and the diversity in it. 

But even so, I ended up being the only girl on a research team. Throughout my research journey, I faced many challenges and was on the precipice of giving up countless times. But after I pushed through, I realized the beauty of research and how empowering it can be to learn it. 

The costs of learning research with proper support and mentorship are still sky-high though. That’s why, after learning wonders through my own research experience and seeing the frustration of so many young researchers like me, I founded Research To Empower. I hope to share research, a tool for empowerment, among my peers in my community and around the world.

So, thank you, dear reader, for spending precious time learning about this initiative and supporting it. ❤️


Africa Science Buskers Festival

Amadeus International School, Vienna

American Academy for Girls, United Arab Emirates 

American School of Warsaw, Poland

Berry Hill Elementary School, New York, USA

British School of Phuket, Thailand 

Brookhouse Schools, Kenya

Concordian International School Bangkok, Thailand

Dwight School Seoul, Republic of Korea

Eerde International Boarding School, The Netherlands

German European School, Singapore

Global Girls Convergence

Global Youth Challenge

Greenfield International School,  United Arab Emirates

Hofstra University, USA

International School of Dakar, Senegal

International School Rijnlands Lyceum, The Netherlands

K. International School Tokyo, Japan

Kingston University London, UK

Maartenscollege Haren, The Netherlands

Myanmar International School Yangon, Myanmar

Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools System, Kazakhstan

New Energy Education, New York, USA

Pathways World School, India

Pentecost University, Ghana

Sotogrande International School, Spain

St. Christopher's International School, Kenya

Sunrise Academy, China

Syosset High School, New York, USA

Syosset Library, New York, USA

The International School of Barbados,  Barbados

The International School of the Hage, The Netherlands

Tzu Chi Academy of Long Island in New York, USA

Vienna International School, Austria

Vinschool Education System, Vietnam

Wellington Senior School, China

Windhoek International School, Namibia

Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, China

Zimbabwe Science Fair

and more...

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