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The United Nations SDG Learncast

“It was truly inspiring to have Grace on the United Nations SDG Learncast!”

The International Telecommunication Union

“We look forward to collaborating with you in the future.”

Society of Women Engineers

"Grace has been rated 'five out of five' for her speech."

Amy Meuers, Chief Executive Officer, National Youth Leadership Council

“It is my absolute pleasure to endorse Grace as an amazing public speaker. She is both engaging and passionate, speaking with confidence, poise, and ability to convey complex ideas with ease.  Grace possesses a rare talent for connecting with people, and I have no doubt that she will continue to excel in any speaking engagement she undertakes.”

Nathalie C. Lilavois, Curator &

Executive Producer, TEDxDeerPark

“Grace is a bright light in the public speaking space. She has defined herself as a strong, positive young lady with a clear message and a powerful voice for gender equity.”

Kaitlin Green, Program Manager, The New York Academy of Sciences

“Grace is an exemplary student who has shown great strength and leadership in public speaking. As an educator, I am both inspired by and in awe of Grace’s ability, adaptability, and open-mind. Whether she is speaking at a Science Symposia with a team, or on a podcast, her natural talent shines. I am looking forward to her future accomplishments.”

Inesa Vidas, Conference Project Manager, Global Conference on Women's Studies

“Grace has been an inspiring speaker at our Global Conference on Women's Studies over the past five years. As a young passionate advocate for women and girls' empowerment, she has consistently amazed us with her unwavering dedication and remarkable speaking skills. Through her passionate and engaging delivery, Grace has captivated audiences time and time again and inspired them to join the movement for gender equality and amplify the voices of youth. We have no doubt that she will continue to inspire and empower even more people through her youth-driven approach.”

Ellena de Oliveira, Community Coordinator,  BridgingTheGap Ventures

"Hosting Grace for a community session and interviewing her as a Young Changemaker for BridgingTheGap Ventures has been a delightful experience. Grace is an eloquent speaker who inspires self-belief and the pursuit of one's dreams, especially in the realm of research. I am certain she has a bright future ahead and I genuinely look forward to checking out her book and hearing her at future events!"

Jordan Oudart, Grade 11 Leader & Teacher of French and Theory of Knowledge, Vienna International School, Austria

“Our school ethos is ‘inquiring, inspired, involved’ and she definitely fit the bill! Students have been talking about her and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive!”

Edward Batey, DSL & Student Support Coordinator, Wellington College, China

"Grace jumped in at quite short notice to present in our assembly for ‘positive community week’. Having the input and insight from a peer who has already achieved so much was highly empowering and motivating for our pupils. Grace is a charming, articulate and inspiring young woman and we hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future."

Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in

Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Grace to inspire and empower our students at Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools. Her impressive accomplishments and dedication to empowering the next generation of researchers have truly caught our attention. Her expertise and experience align perfectly with our educational goals and values. The opportunity to have Grace share her insights and knowledge has undoubtedly had a profound impact on our students.”

Ana Letícia De Freitas Mendes, Student of Colégio Nossa Senhora das Dores, Brazil, Technology Tutor Student of Google for Education,  LALA '22,  NYAS '22

“Grace is an excellent communicator, researcher and content writer, and not only that, Grace is an inspiring voice in STEM and gender studies. She also has great critical thinking, leadership and teamwork skills. I can see a bright future for her, she has a lot of potential to make a positive change in her community. I am grateful to say that I had the privilege to work with such an amazing girl!”
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