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What people have said about Research To Empower...

Katie, 15
"Research to Empower on top!! 10/10! Very informational."
Henry, 11
"I am interested in doing more research after Research to Empower's class!"
Isabelle, 11
"I enjoyed everything! Lots of information."
Victor, 14
"I was interested when [Grace] said there are endless possibilities when it comes to research. I enjoyed that part."
Charles, 7
"I learned that research helps answer questions. It was a lot of fun!"
Alvin, 9

"I would rate this a 5-star. This interested me to study more about research and more topics! I enjoyed the four corners, the story and talking about AI!"


Matthew, 9
"Five out of five. I enjoyed the game part."
Hannah, 9
"I liked Snorty McPorty. I rated the class 10 out of 10. I learned to have fun when doing research. Research is fun."
Brian, 10
"I rate the class a five out of five. I am interested most in the story and I enjoyed it a lot! I hope whoever is reading this will try this out! Research is fun!"
Abigail, 10
"The class was interesting. I enjoyed the story the most because it is a fun way to learn research. Thank you!"
Sophia, 16

"What an amazing session! As a student in high school, research has always seemed inaccessible to me. I really loved hearing Grace talk about her own experiences as a woman in STEM and her nonprofit, Research To Empower."


Aymen, 15
"Great hands-on [workshop]. This is the best workshop. [It's] friendly, I love it, Grace is very enthusiastic and cares about the crowd. [She's] funny, organized, super interesting, never boring, fantastic, and [put] hard work into this. 10/10."
Seth, 16
"I loved this workshop! Coming here really taught me about how I should navigate media and the importance of doing research. I came in not knowing much about the topic but I was very well informed and I am excited to start doing my own research!"
Jocelyn, 16
"I would rate this workshop a 10 on a scale of 1-10. It was very informative as well as interactive. I love how Grace led the whole workshop and I admire all that she has accomplished. I am excited to look more into her research website. #ReTErocks ♡"
Amina, 15
"I would rate the workshop a 10. What interested me the most was the "Fake News" activity because it made me reevaluate how I perceive sources of information when researching. What I enjoyed most was learning about the Stanford Prison Experiment."
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Wellington Senior School Shanghai Event Sept 11
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools System, Kazakhstan
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