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Research to Empower:
A Vibrant Guidebook for Young Students

Grace shares her knowledge about conducting research as a student with step-by-step guidance, delivering honest and effective tips that empower young students to do excellent research. It aims to inspire, support, and empower aspiring researchers as a supplement to the K-12 curriculum. 
The book has been released by Post Hill Press. You can ORDER it now through all major booksellers reaching out to 180+ countries!

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Featured Endorsements
(Listed alphabetically by name) 

Dr. Alfred Watkins, Founder, and CEO, Global Solutions Summit

"This serious book, written in an engaging conversational style with occasional humorous asides, is for anyone who wants to understand the world in order to change it."

Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of the Republic of Mauritius (2015-2018) & Biodiversity Scientist

"Grace shows generosity of spirit and wants to empower others. A great sentiment indeed, I would recommend this book to those who are keen to learn and are on a journey of discovery. The book is well written and in a style which makes it highly readable."

Ms. Amy Meuers, CEO of National Youth Leadership Council

"Research to Empower is an extraordinary book that equips the next generation with essential tools to unlock the world of knowledge.It is an absolute must-read for anyone ready to make a positive change in the world.”

Dr. Brian Baird, Chair and Founder at National Museum and Center for Service

"I would strongly recommend this book for use by students, teachers, parents, or others who want to support young people in their learning adventures. This is a much-needed book for which there are few, if any others, that are as enjoyable, well-written, and practical."

Dr. E. William Colglazier, American physicist, the 4th Science and Technology Adviser to the U.S. Secretary of State

“This wonderful, insightful, and inspiring book is a joy to read. It will captivate inquisitive students from grade school to high school as well as serve as a guide for teachers and parents to be better at motivating students for a lifetime of inquiry-based learning."

Dr. Giovanni Durante,  Principal of Syosset High School, New York, USA

"Grace's unwavering dedication to fostering curiosity and embracing intellectual exploration is truly inspiring. Through her words, she encourages young minds to unlock their innate inquisitiveness and seize the opportunities that research presents. Grace has artfully crafted a guidebook that will empower young students to navigate the realm of research with confidence and enthusiasm."

Dr. Guo Huadong, Director General of the International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals

"Grace C. Liu eloquently and successfully breaks down concepts surrounding the process of scientific research, using engaging narratives and simple language to motivate younger minds towards research, investigation, and the pursuit of knowledge. I wholly recommend Research to Empower to anyone hoping to inspire the intellect of young people from all backgrounds.”

Dr. Heide Hackmann,  Director of Future Africa, University of Pretoria, South Africa & Inaugural CEO of the International Science Council

"Grace brings inspiration and hope with a book that provides young people with the insight and the skills to explore and harness the transformative potential of research. She speaks with passion and the insight of personal experience to future change makers, and in ways that educators can and must take note of."

Dr. James R. Delisle, Professor of Education (retired), Kent State University and author of 26 books

"Research to Empower accomplishes a difficult task: writing about the elements of conducting research without sounding like a stale university lecturer! Grace writes that she hopes her book ‘inspires, supports and empowers’ young researchers like herself.  Without a doubt, she succeeds on all three counts."

Dr. Jayshree Seth,  3M Chief Science Advocate & Corporate Scientist

“Against the backdrop of Grace Chenxin Liu’s own journey into the world of research, Research To Empower provides insightful tips and practical techniques for young researchers in an engaging, encouraging, and empowering way.”

Dr Marlene Kanga, President, World Federation of Engineering Organizations (2017-2019) & National President, Engineers Australia (2013)

“This book is truly empowering for all young people. I hope that many teenagers, especially young girls will read this book with avid interest. It is intelligent, fun and well-written. Like the author, I hope that young readers realize that their research could result in far-reaching consequences that could result in them becoming tomorrow’s leaders, changing the world and making it a better place for us all.”

Dr. Michiharu Nakamura, 

President Emeritus, Japan Science and Technology Agency

“From an early age, we all have questions and curiosity about the natural world and society and want to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of things. Recognizing the importance of cultivating these qualities, Grace Chenxin Liu goes a step further and offers young students vivid guidance in her book Research to Empower. This book aims to nurture young researchers who can think critically and take action in the ever-changing world.”

Dr. Paulo Gadelha,  President of FIOCRUZ (2009-2016) & Coordinator of the FIOCRUZ Strategy for the 2030 Agenda

"At times when the connections between science and society have increasingly been difficult to bridge, Grace has certainly achieved her purpose of inspiring, supporting, and empowering new generations of researchers and conscious citizens."

Dr. Quarraisha Abdool Karim, President of the World Academy of Sciences, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, Columbia University

"Grace’s book lives up to its title by opening the door and providing the critical tools for young people to be inspired to leave the world a better place through science and innovation. A must-read for parents, students, and anyone who wants to understand science and the scientific method.”

Mr. Richard Rusczyk, Founder and CEO of the Art of Problem Solving

"While working with many outstanding students from around the world, I often encounter students who are interested in research but have no idea how to get started. I now have an answer. Research to Empower offers a much-needed, engaging onramp to those students who would join knowledge-seekers like Grace that aspire to learn a little bit more about the world with each inquiry."

Dr. Stuart Krusell, Senior Director, Global Programs, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"An impressive and inspiring writer herself, Grace uses her passion and skill to encourage and, yes, empower others to embrace the critical value of research. Research to Empower offers the keys to opening the doors of knowledge and opportunity for her generation to create the future."

Dr. Tom Rogers, Syosset District Superintendent and CEO at Nassau BOCES, New York, USA

“With advice both practical and entertaining, Grace demystifies the process of starting research and illustrates, through her own grit and example, that research – even demanding, publishable research – is not out of reach for younger students who work hard and follow her step-by-step approach. Accessible to younger readers, but not at all superficial, Research to Empower provides a compass to a whole new generation of intellectual explorers.”

Dr. Xiaolan Fu, Professor of Technology and International Development, the Founding Director of the Technology and Management Centre for Development, University of Oxford

"Based on her own research experience, Grace C. Liu’s book provided the most vivid, inspiring, and practical guidance for young people who want to develop their research skills to empower them. Grace’s own experience is also an excellent example for many young people who want to make the world better."
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