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Top Blogs Every Young Researcher Needs to Follow This Summer

Dear friends,

As summer approaches, I want to share some research blogs that are especially beneficial for young students eager to start their research projects:

  1. Science Buddies Blog

  • Link: Science Buddies

  • Description: Offers a wealth of science fair project ideas, how-to guides, and insights into various scientific fields. It's great for young students looking to start with research projects.

  1. NASA’s Climate Kids

  • Link: NASA’s Climate Kids

  • Description: Provides engaging information on climate science, energy, and the environment. It's designed for younger audiences, making complex topics accessible and fun.

  1. Khan Academy Blog

  • Link: Khan Academy Blog

  • Description: Features educational resources, tips, and stories from students and educators. It covers a wide range of subjects including math, science, history, and more.

  1. National Geographic Education Blog

  • Link: National Geographic Education

  • Description: Offers articles, resources, and activities focused on geography, history, science, and culture. It's an excellent resource for young students interested in exploring the world.

  1. Edutopia

  • Link: Edutopia

  • Description: Created by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, this blog covers innovative teaching strategies and real-life examples of learning in action. It’s great for students to see practical applications of their studies.

  1. Scientific American Blog Network

  • Link: Scientific American Blogs

  • Description: Features articles on a wide range of scientific topics. While some content may be advanced, it’s a good resource for high school students interested in current scientific research.

  1. MIT Technology Review

  • Link: MIT Technology Review

  • Description: Provides insights into the latest technological innovations and research. It's suitable for older students interested in technology and engineering.

  1. TED-Ed Blog

  • Link: TED-Ed Blog

  • Description: Offers educational videos and articles on a variety of topics, encouraging curiosity and critical thinking among young learners.

  1. Google Research Blog

  • Link: Google Research Blog

  • Description: Shares the latest research and developments from Google’s various projects. It’s particularly interesting for students interested in computer science and artificial intelligence.

  1. The Kid Should See This

  • Link: The Kid Should See This

  • Description: A collection of educational videos covering a wide range of topics, from science and technology to art and music, curated to inspire young learners.

These blogs offer a mix of educational content, hands-on activities, and insights into various fields of study, making them excellent resources for young students embarking on their research journeys.


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