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Let's Celebrate National Research Administrator Day on Sept 25

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

National Research Administrator Day is an unofficial professional day observed annually on September 25. It was created to recognize the contribution of research administrators and managers to supporting research. The success of research is usually attributed to the scientists, doctors or faculty members who carry it out. On the one hand, it is well-deserved; on the other hand, scientists are not the only people who make research possible.

Administrative research assistants, also known as research administrators, provide support to researchers, ensuring that nothing distracts them from work. The duties of research administrators vary depending on the field (science, medicine, social science, economics, the humanities) and the subject of research. They include, but are not limited to, researching funding sources, writing grant proposals, providing clerical assistance, negotiating the terms of research contracts, financial management, and more.

As a matter of fact, research administration carry out mundane research-related duties so that scientists and scholars can focus directly on the research process. At the same time, many research administrators have an academic background because in order to organize research, you need to know a thing or two about the field you’re working in. Others have a finance background, which also helps them greatly because research administration requires to deal with funding and budgets.

Source: Any Day Guide, 2023


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