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Free Education Resources

Dear friends,

I would love to share some free education resources with you. Enjoy exploring them!

1.     Khan Academy: Provides a wide range of lessons and practice in various subjects, including math, science, economics, history, and more.

2.     Coursera (Audit): While some courses on Coursera require payment, many allow you to audit the course for free, providing access to lectures and materials.

3.     edX (Audit): Similar to Coursera, edX offers free access to course materials, although certificates and graded assessments may require payment.

4.     MIT OpenCourseWare: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a vast collection of course materials for a wide range of subjects.

5.     OpenStax: Non-profit organization that provides free, peer-reviewed, openly licensed textbooks suitable for college courses.

6.     YouTube EDU: Many educational institutions and content creators offer free educational videos on YouTube. Channels like CrashCourse and TED-Ed are popular choices.

7.     Codecademy: Offers interactive coding lessons for free, covering various programming languages.

8.     Duolingo: A popular language learning platform that is free to use, offering courses in numerous languages.

9.     Google's Applied Digital Skills: Provides free lessons on practical digital skills, including using Google Workspace tools.

10.  Harvard free classes: Harvard University offers a lot of free online courses.

11.  Librivox: Offers free audiobooks of public domain works, making classic literature accessible for free.

12.  Google Scholar: Allows you to search for scholarly articles and papers across various disciplines.

13.  National Geographic Education: Provides free resources for geography, science, and social studies.

14.  Wolfram Alpha: A computational engine that can be used for a variety of educational purposes, including math and science.


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