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3 Lessons I Learned as a Student Researcher

Hello, my friends! Today, let’s buckle up because we’re going into the dirty details of what can go wrong during research and how you can avoid it. So if you could enter a time machine and redo your research journey, what are some things you would change? Here are what I learned as a student research.

Take your time - don’t rush important parts like choosing a topic, designing your methodology, literature review, or learning important background knowledge about your topic. If the foundation is unsteady, it’s so easy for everything to come crashing down (ahem, like rewriting 20 pages of a literature review because the topic wasn’t innovative enough *wince*).

Keep an open mind to taking criticism and working with teams - I know it’s hard to see the precious baby that you’ve worked on for the past year be ripped into shreds by a professor, but think of it this way: if they didn’t care about your research, they wouldn’t have bothered using valuable mental energy to give your critiques in order for you to become a better researcher,

Put yourself out there and be bold - Reaching out to people, especially if you need mentors and participants for your study, may be out of your comfort zone. Maybe some institutions are unfriendlier than others. But that’s okay. Here is one of my favorite quote “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” - Wayne Gretzky.


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